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CT Tensioner

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The CT Tensioner is a cost friendly option to keep you rolling when disaster strikes. Pesky rock removed your (Insert crazy dollar amount here) “derailluer? Already blown your budget on your trip to Whistler and can’t afford the replacement? The CT tensioner is your savior, with a durable CNC machined body and a simple mounting system, it can even be used with your current cassette, no need to buy a spacer kit!

Technical Features

The savior tensioner  

Fully sealed tensioning system 

Most cost effective DH specific tensioner on the market 

Super high strength machined alloy body & steel cage

Weight – 150g

Price $119.99 (Tensioner only)

1 review for CT Tensioner

  1. Jarrod Anderson

    “After blowing out 3 Alfine tensioners in one season I was given the CT Tensioner to put through the ringer. It stood up to all the abuse I could throw at it. Its F**king mint.” Jarrod Anderson – Whistler local and SB One tester:

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